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Due to COVID-19 -including online orders. Take care of each other, see you in a few weeks!

About us

"These girls really know their stuff! Their products are absolutely delicious and so smooth! My fav is the chocolate fudge slice yummmmmm!" -Becky

"Honestly the best raw desserts I've ever tried. Incredible quality, amazing taste and the raw goodness ladies are a dream to deal with. Can't recommend enough!" -Jo Whitaker

"So deliciously irresistible it's hard to believe they are made from raw ingredients and aren't actually naughty treats!" -Nick

"I received two boxes of Raw Goodness as a birthday gift. WOW - what a birthday surprise! My favourite was the peanut butter slice. All of the generously sized slices, not only look delicious, but they taste amazing as well. Would highly recommend Raw Goodness to anyone" -Claudia Leighs