Our Story


Our philosophy at Raw Goodness is simple; we aim to create the worlds best quality raw desserts. We produce incredible desserts that not only look beautiful but are absolutely delicious!! All our products are refined sugar free, dairy free, gluten free & vegan & we specialize in wholesale, while also running an online store.

With humble beginnings as two young teachers we wanted to create a company that not only produced mouth watering products, but really cared for & had a deep appreciation for every single consumer. We believe in honesty, passion, quality & commitment to our customers.
We began with a passion for refined sugar free foods & this lead us to experiment with different recipes. After several taste testing's sessions with family & friends & some very enthusiastic responses we decided to leap in & launch Raw Goodness in 2016. Today we have a brand that we are incredibly proud of, a wide range of retailors throughout NZ, a bunch of amazing products & some very loyal customers!