Our Story

Inspired by a growing awareness about what we put in to our bodies, Danielle and Nicola became passionate about wanting to provide raw refined sugar free alternatives to their local community.  They founded Raw Goodness in early 2016 and are dedicated to producing beautiful products that are made with love, passion & are good for the soul.


 Our Values

  • High Quality Products

We mean it when we say our products are created with love and passion! Through our food we let our creativity and energy shine through and we’re committed to experimenting & testing different flavour and colour combos repeatedly, to ensure we produce a perfect and unique product every time. Got a flavour combo you would love to see in our range? Get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do.

  • Relationships

As our customers we really value the relationship you have with us. We appreciate that you have chosen us to create something special for you, and we want the process from ordering to delivery to be as simple and hassle free as possible. We aim to provide a friendly and effective service every time.

  • Love and Passion

If you don’t love what you do, why do it at all?!  We believe it is important to follow your dreams and do what you love. Here at Raw Goodness we can guarantee that we are passionate about what we do and we use that to drive us in all aspects of our business. We love connecting with others that have the same motivation and energy and are driven to bringing about positive change.

Danielle & Nicola Xo